Importance of Industrial visit/Study/Educational tours for school & College Students...!

Industrial Tour is a specially designed itinerary integrating industries for a visit along with other tourism destination, the whole idea is to encourage the learning through observation of industrial practices and making students aware of themselves through long distance travel, which is always an eye opening experience for discovering oneself, and these visits are aligned with the previous subjective conditioning of the students in respective professional fields that may vary from Architecture to Nanotechnology. Industrial tour offers an opportunity for students to strengthen their knowledge through the practical exposure. It will help the institutions to improve quality perception of their students joined in various professional courses who are the leader of tomorrow’s competitive world. It will fill the gap of Academic Industry Relations. Contact for Industrial visit /Study tours to

Wanted Robotics Trainer (Male /Female)

Requisite: Any graduate with passionate in Mechatronics engineering. Robotics training will be given by us for fresher to become a Trainer.
Compensation: 2, 00,000-4, 00,000 P.A. Job Description: #contributes to creating a curriculum that will be broad based and seeks to expose students to the various aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). #Explain the concepts of Life Science, Physical Science, Earth & Space Science to students. #Help students (6th Std to Grade 12) develop analytical and critical thinking skills. #Model how to program and build structurally sound robots using the LEGO Mind storms Robotics Kit, and support the students in building and programming their own.
# Teach the students the principles of Robotics including the functions of power source, sensors, motors and structural members of a robot.
Desired profile: # Ability to acquire a working knowledge of LEGO robotics, problem-solving skills and simple computer programming skills
# Good communic…

Trends in Robotics....!

Digital transformation is at the core of every successful company’s journey today. Every enterprise wants to harness the power of technology to provide a more efficient customer journey and drive better business outcomes.  Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologyto create software robots that can mimic human interactions using a software interface. RPA can boost significant development across many industries today as it can easily automate and perform a lot of tedious, repeatable, and monotonous tasks. Mobile phones, tablets, electrical appliances, wearable devices, industrial equipment, etc. are all connected through IoT, and this, in turn, generates a huge amount of unstructured data which call in for the action of Big Data. RPA robots can contribute to the analysis of this Big Data as they monitor and record their steps during execution. It plays its role in the Internet of Things by improving the data management and streamlining the…
What Is Career Guidance? Career Guidance takes the benefits of career assessments and career counselling to the next level. It is the process where a career guide helps you on your path to career development and career success. Being successful in a career takes extensive efforts, and with an experienced coach/mentor, your career development efforts can find the right direction. Career Impressions career counsellors provide career guidance by building customized career action plans and road map, direct you back to the right path, provide personalized 24x7 support, and help you at every step along the way to a successful career.

What Is Career Counselling? Career Counselling is the process of giving advice, support and guidance for selecting the right stream after class 10th, and the right career after 12th, graduation and professional colleges. Career confusion and indecision can affect you at any stage of your career, thus it is important to get the right support to resolve it and plan ahead.Career Impressions career Counsellors let you explore different career options, their scope, colleges and opportunities, and help you make the right career choice. What Are Career Assessments? A Career Assessment is a test designed to understand where your unique set of strengths, aptitudes and skills lie, in order to recommend the right careers for you. Our Career Assessment is an online career test that evaluates you on 56 parameters across 5 dimensions including Personality, Aptitude, Interest, EQ and Orientation Style, to suggest you top career options. Not only that, you get detailed career development plans and exper…

Kind attention to Career Ambassadors/Speakers

We Are Looking for Career Ambassadors/Speakers: We have to identify professions across Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Medical, Management, Counseling, Entrepreneurship and Government services. CareerImpressions services include: * To provide information on various careers. * Career Guidance sessions and workshops for students and parents conducted by career Experts. *Personalized services like assessment and counseling to help students for their career Decision *To arrange various training and skill development, personality development programs. *To help to get admission in the professional colleges& universities. *To help to connect to Industry for on the job training/project/internship/placement. *To help to organize Industrial visit, Study tour and Educational tours. Why you should support? §Spread awareness about your career/profession §Opportunity to represent your career/profession §Career choices are life choices….your inputs would help students to make informed career decisions How…